Monday, January 31, 2011

The Skin Food - Nail Vita Top Coat

Aku membeli TSF top coat ini karen top coat lamaku sudah habis. Pertama kali pakai ini, rasanya agak2 dingin kalau terkena kulit. Teksturnya sangat cair. Lumayan cepat mengering, tapi nggak cepet sekali. Ini gambarnya ku ambil dari blog-ku yang, soalnya belum bikin watermark untuk yang blog ini, hehehe...

Kesimpulan: yaaa lumayan lah dengan harga murce, cepat mengering.

Nail Art - Flower

Kali ini aku mencoba membuat nail art dengan motif bunga. Berikut hasilnya.

-TSF Base Coat
-TSF warna hitam dan putih (lupa kodenya apa) :p
-OPI Color So Hot It Berns
-Aqualip liquid ink pen
-TSF Pedicure SparkleGold
-TSF Nail Vita Top Coat

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara

Akhirnya, setelah sekian lama ini produk muncul, jadi juga aku mencobanya, hahaha. Kesan pertama, packaging nya bagus. Setelah dibuka sisirnya lucu bentuknya, ngga seperti mascara biasanya. Saat dipakai kurang nyaman sih, agak2 clumpy, tapi setelah latian beberapa kali, mulai terbiasa. Aku mencoba untuk dipake saat tidur. Dan ternyataaa... besoknya pas bangun, mascaranya smudge dikittt banget. Aaaw, mantap lah mascara ini. Harganya juga lumayan murce, yaa standar maybelline lah, hanya 75 ribuan, aku membelinya di carrefour.
Membersihkan mascara ini agak2 sulit, kemarin ada korban sehelai bulmat ku rontok. Bener2 sabar n harus hati-hati nih.

Kesimpulan: walaupun make nya agak2 tricky, tapi karena sangat waterproof, jadi tetep suka.

Recent Beauty Items Purchase

Halo, ini beberapa item yang aku beli kemarin. O ya, ditambah maybelline mascara cat eyes, hanya saja aku lupa memfotonya. Review nya satu satu nanti kalau barangnya sudah ku pakai.

-TSF nail vita top coat
-Milani minerals Blush Luminous
-NYX round l/s Honey
-NYX 10 color e/s palette champagne & caviar
-Eye Putti
-Paris falsie 1 lusin (buat nyetok n latian, soalnya murceee banget nih) :p
-Maybelline cat eyes mascara (kelupaan difoto)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring 2010 nail art

black nailart
For Spring 2010 nail art, one should opt for a colorful design with image of flower. Adding gemstones, glitters with acrylic paint will add to the beauty of nails as well as hands. You don’t have to be an expert in nail art to enhance beauty of your nails. Just choose a lively color of spring season, them draw a flower or add glitter, let it dry and then apply single coat of colorless nail polish to finish your nail art

Nail art on display at talon show

Tokyo Nail Expo Escape claws: Some of the fantasy figures on this Japanese woman’s fingernails are three-dimensional

The extravaganza that is the Tokyo Nail Expo had 50,000 visitors feasting their eyes on the latest in nail art.
Its highlight was the Nail Queen 2009 awards ceremony, where Japan showed once again that it remains at the cutting edge of the genre.

Tokyo Nail Expo
Flower power: a petal design
Tokyo Nail Expo
Flipping the bird: Swans also featured
Creations on show included an extraordinary montage of tropical flowers and birds painted on long, straight nails.
But many were three-dimensional and featured swans, ribbons, hearts, figures and even a bow and arrow. Hello Kitty adorned one pair of hands.

Tokyo Nail Expo
And of course, no Japanese event is complete without a Hello Kitty
Pop singer Kumi Koda has won the Nail Queen title for the past three years with her over-the-top styles and has now been inducted into the Nail Queen Hall of Fame for her trouble.
But this is not just for the girls. Male Japanese stars have also been sporting painted nails – albeit without any Hello Kitty models painted on them.

cheerful and colorful nail art design

nail art

For girls getting married in spring season, these are best design of nail art for brides. Focus of guest in marriage ceremony should be on bride, so just go for a cheerful and colorful nail art design complementing gown. Latest nail art fashion for 2010 needs design to be chic and classic, so explore your imagination, get inspired by nature, its beauty, go for a trendy nail art design and follow a simple mantra.

Easy DIY Nail Art Designs

Those who flirt with the idea of starting their nail artist career and are in need of cool ideas to try their hand at the easy DIY nail art designs will have the chance to do it with the following chic manicure ideas. These patterns the refined they may look can be created with a few basic nail art tools as well as some handiness. If you have an inclination towards handcraft then nail painting is the most creative beauty domain to show your skills in. Learn how to handle the various tools that would help you draw the finest lines and fabulous images. Start with the simple floral and abstract designs if you wish to take the various challenges step by step. Find out which are some of the most simple designs to experiment with at the beginning of your road to become a nail pro.

  • Floral nail art is the best idea to start with as it might help you learn how to draw the fine lines and play with proportions. The simple as well as more complex flower images look fabulous both paired with long and short nails. Those who would like to surprise their friends with a stylish manicure should ask their help to practice the various techniques. Create simple patterns until you'll learn to handle the manicure tools with mastery and ease. Use more shades in order to make things more versatile and take a glimpse at the designs above that are perfect to polish your handiness and also challenge your creativity to pull of memorable and worth-admiring nail designs.

  • Abstract nail patterns would also serve as the best blueprint to copycat. These simple patterns created without any difficulties would help you practice the tiny lines, spots and cute designs as well as basic shapes to be able to handle the more complex designs with mastery. Mix/match the different shades from a wider nail color palette in order to see the perfect combos to create various nail art trends. Designs showed above are some of the basic patterns to exercise with therefore have them at hand when you start your manicure sessions. The more you practice the better your techniques will become paving your way to success.

  • If you wish to step to the next level make sure you include in your mani session the use of various nail art accessories as the glittery stick ons as well as rhinestones. These would offer you the privilege to sport glam nail designs created with great care and precision. After dealing with the practice of various shapes and fine lines make sure you also try your hand at the more complex and creative patterns. The examples above would arm you up with revolutionary ideas on how to turn your nails into a real masterpiece of modern nail art. Take a closer look at the designs and find out the best methods to pull off the look using your skills and the must have manicure tools.
  • Celebrity Best Nails Art Designs

    Beyonce Knowles has been addicted to trying all sorts of designs on her nails, and thinks that some of the artists that have done work on her nails should have work in museums.

    Thursday, January 27, 2011


    Monday, January 24, 2011

    Hawaiian Designs

    Hawaii reminds us of the glorious beaches and Hula dancers dressed in colorful flowers. This theme can also be applied to nail art designs. However, these designs are not very simple. These are suited for those who have a good hand at painting. If you have a skillful hand, you could paint beaches, waves, surfers and Hula dancers on the nails. For those of you who cannot manage to paint these complicated pictures, you could still bring Hawaii on your nails by painting bright flower rings and garlands of your finger nails. You could even paint figures of people in black and then adorn them with colorful flower tiaras and garlands.

    hawaiian nail art design

    hawaiian hibiscus

    blue hawaiian nail art

    Animal Designs Nail Art

    Tiger, Zebra and Dalmatian designs are quite popular among the animal nail art designs. For the tiger skin nail design, apply a yellow acrylic basal coat. Apply it twice for a thicker and better finish. Then apply smudges of orange color on the nail at different areas. After it dries paint thick zig zag lines using black acrylic paint. The zig zag pattern should be thick at the base and tapering towards the other end. And the patterns must be in alternating fashion. Thich means, if one base is thick, the stripe next to it should be tapering and so on. For a Zebra design, you could do the same by applying white acrylic paint as the basal coat and then paint stripes of black. The stripes of Zebra are not like the Tiger, so paint thinner ones. Have some stripes in one direction and some in the other to make it look like Zebra stripes. You could even add some glitter to make it look more attractive. To create a Dalmatian design, just paint smudges of black paint on a white base.

    zebra nail art design

    tiger nail art design

    bee nail art design

    butterflies nail art design

    leopard nail art design

    slag nail art design
    goose nail art design

    zebra nail polish

    Marine Life Nail Art Designs

    For marine life designs, you would require blue acrylic paint and a bit of white acrylic paint for the base coat. Apply transparent varnish onto the blue sea-like coat and then paint tiny fish on the nails. Using green paint, you could draw thin weeds through which the fish are swimming around. A slight touch of a darker shade of green along with the green on the weeds, would give it natural look. A few pebbles can be painted at the base with brown and white paint. Apart from the fish design, you could even consider painting star fish and tiny seahorses on the nails. Whales and dolphins are other good options.
    marine nail art design

    the blue sea nail art
    fishes manicure

    Snow Nail Art Designs

    You need a shiny metallic shade of nail polish which would serve as the base coat. Take white acrylic paint and by using a thin brush paint a dot on the nail. From this dot, paint 8 lines or spikes, extending from the dot in a circular fashion. Where the spikes end, draw two more spikes, something like one spike branching into another. So you will have a snow flake. You can also paint half snowflakes on the edges of the nails, and to give it a more attractive look, you could also paint one of the snowflakes in blue. In case you do not have metallic nail polish, you could even use blue acrylic paint for the basal coat. However, you will have to use white paint for the snowflakes.
    snow nail art design

    snow nail art 2

    snow flake

    snow man nail art design

    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    French cleaning nail

    Professional women, such as jewelry saleswomen, whose work makes their hands and nails visible all day, benefit from the immaculate look of perfectly clean French manicures. Your nails cannot appear more clean than they do with 100% white tips.