Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Japanese 3D nail art

Japanese 3D nails are handmade accessories. People are crazy about the Japanese nail style and these nails are everywhere. The 3-dimensional objects that are utilized in Japanese 3D nails are made up of sculpture powder wherein it is moulded to desired shapes and sizes.

 Little twin star

flower bridal rhinestone gem nail tip
rose nail tip chain lace trendy party

tip art hello kitty

beauty flower nail art
cupcake nail art design

Gel Nails - Nail Art Ideas to Decorate Your Nails This Season

Designer nails can really make you look fashionable and chic. Nail art is one way to make your nails look really good and it lets you experiment with as many designs as the occasions or seasons demand. Nail art is best done by a professional, but you can also give the simpler designs a try at home with your friends. As you get better with the designs you will be able to create even complex designs with ease and unleash your creativity.
Nail art has emerged as one of the most popular nail beautifying ideas among the teens today. They stop at nothing to get the latest look and express their ideas through nail art. Nail paint of varied hues teamed with colorful stones, stickers, beads are a hot favorite. Nail jewellery like dangles are also used to create a unique look and attract a lot of attention.
The style, color and design selected for decorating your nails can vary either by season, occasion or even your mood. Free hand designs are really sought after as they are easy to create on your own without spending too much. However, should you decide to go in for the more intricate designs, you can opt for a French manicure with gel nail art.

Newest Manicures

Hello My Sweet Nail-Art Lovers
I am posting today couple of m newest manicures that i recently made.
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Here are the manicures:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Funky Design for Short Nail

This is the common rainbow dots design

Valentine Nail Art Design

Valentine Nail Polish Design: As Valentine's day is just around the corner, what can be better than a Valentine nail polish design! Valentine nail polish design is quite simple. Just like contrast design, you need two shades of nail polish for Valentine design, out of which one should be red! Generally, we either completely avoid red nail polish or use it for contrast design. But as Valentine color is red, red nail polish pen is a must for this design. As one shade is so dark, the other shade has to be light, a neutral shade. First apply the lighter shade on the entire nail and then take red nail polish pen and make tiny hearts on it. You do not have to be very artistic for that, simply draw two upside down commas with a circular head! You can even decorate them with various nail polish products like adhesive stones. Read more on nail art.

How to Draw Flowers on Nails: The Paint Job

  • To begin with, you will need to make a coat on your nail with a nail varnish. Make sure that this coat is extra smooth so that it will let your designs flow easily onto your nails.
  • The next step involves using your brush to make the outlines. For beginners, start with making few simpler designs or shapes. Try to make bubbles with circles or zig-zag lines and so on. Initially, you may find it difficult to grab the paint brush, but then try holding it in different angels and you will get to know which angle gives you the maximum grip.
  • While painting, do not immerse the brush head completely in the paint, just immerse it enough to wet the tip of it.
  • Once you have applied a coat of nail varnish your nail, let it dry. Once it is dried start painting.
  • To draw a flower, first, with your paintbrush dab at the center of your nail. Do not use a lot of paint because it may spill.
  • Next, choose what color petal you want. Once the color has been decided, use the paintbrush to make the petals of your flower. You will need to start from the center, from where you had dabbed earlier. As you go further from the center, apply a little pressure to make those petals thicker. The petals must be thicker towards the outer edge and relatively thinner from the center.
  • You can make four to five petals. It will come to you naturally, if you know how to draw flowers (which I am sure most of us do). Make sure that you do them neatly, and after every petal you make, let them dry so that the other petal which you will make must not bloat with it.
  • Once you have made your design and are happy with it, apply a top coat. This is the most important part as we want our design to be sealed.
And here you are, ready with your flower design. The paint job is effortless, after all we all know how to draw flowers. Repeat it for other the nails of your fingers or toes too. But remember to let the design be uniform on all of them. For better results, rest your hand/feet on a table to avoid shaky hands which can ruin your design. To make your nail art look more vibrant, make use of as much colors as you can, and use them differently. Also, it is good to keep nail varnishes of a variety of colors to match with your wardrobe.

Nail Design For Kids

Making nail designs for kids, with nail paints needs some practice. However for easy nail art designs for kids, simply paint the nails with a base color and stick different stickers on the nails. Listed below are the instructions for nails designs - do it yourself.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are made with polymer, powdered acrylic product and monomer and a liquid acrylic product. This mixture is to be applied on to the original nail bases with a brush, which solidifies in a few seconds and then you can paint or make designs on this platform. Most acrylic nail product users suggest uses of Ethyl Methacrylate (EMA) as it looks real and is safe to use compared to the other artificial nail products. It is also advised to use these products as less as possible due to the hardening of your original nails. And try to visit a manicurist for the application after which you can paint them by yourself. More on how to apply acrylic nails and easy nail art designs.

Acrylic nails are wonderful, however, the success that you have with them is up to YOU and your at home care. Too often I encounter people who have acrylics that do not take care of them and it creates more work for their technician as well as limits their ability to fully enjoy having beautiful nails.

Halloween Nail Art

Though you can match the Halloween nail art designs according to your Halloween costume, but certain designs work well with most types of costumes. Jack-O-Lantern, ghosts, vampire, scary witch, witch's cap or broomstick, skulls and bones, black cats and bats and a variety of designs can be used for painting the nails during Halloween. Try something scary and eerie, something that will sends chills down the spine. Since black is the color of darkness, so it would be a good idea to paint your nails in black and then paint these spooky creatures with white acrylic or any color that stands out.

Looking for simple Halloween nail art ideas? Well, those of you who like it simple can try the easy Halloween nail art designs. You can simply apply two coats of black nail polish and add glitter to them. Making cobwebs is also one of the simple nail art designs. Painting some of these spooky creatures might not be that easy, but having them painted on your nails will help in giving you the complete Halloween look. You can either paint the same spooky creature on all the fingernails or paint different creatures on each nail.

Dark creatures and eerie images look fantastic when embedded into a traditional and fab Halloween nail art. Why not adapt to the atmosphere of this holiday if you have the chance to dress up your manicure into the most stylish holiday nail trends.

Beauty nail art design