Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Manicure 2

Hello my Sweet Nail Art Lovers
Just a quick post to share my halloween manicure i made for last nights party and tonights candy hand out. I wish all of you a Happy Halloween :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nail art 30 Oktober 2010

Nail art kali ini suangaat simpel. Hanya di tambah warna hitam saja di bagian atas kuku supaya kutek milani nya ada variasi dikit, hehehe... :D

TSF Base Coat
Milani 3D Nail Lacquer - Hi Res

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Milani 3D Holographic Specialty Nail Lacquer - Hi Res

Dari beberapa kutek yang kubeli, yang pertama kucoba sebenarnya OPI Color So Hot It Berns, hanya saja cuma di 1 kuku, soalnya base coat ku sedang habis. Ketika aku membeli kutek TSF Nail vita base coat, baru aku berani menggunakan kutek di semua jari, dan kali ini aku menggunakan Milani 3D Holographic Specialty Nail Lacquer - Hi Res.

Pertama kali aku memakai kutek ini, rasanya kutek ini tebal. Huahaha... mungkin karena banyak gliter2 nya. Saat memakainya 1 coat rasanya kurang (walau sudah mengcover seluruh kuku). Maka aku memakai 2 coat. Jika dilihat dari dekat, efek holo nya kurang begitu kelihatan, tapi kalau dari jauh, lumayan terlihat.

Secara keseluruhan aku suka dengan kutek Milani ini. Tapi kuas kuteknya aku rasa terlalu keciiiil jika dibandingkan dengan TSF dan OPI.
Warnanya aku rasa agak kurang cocok dengan warna kulitku, karena warna kulitku terang, maka kuteknya membuat efek kulit jadi pucat. Tapi nggak jadi masalah juga, karena efek holo nya baguuuus.

Kesimpulan : Efek holo-nya bagusss. Enak diliatnya :D

Recent Beauty Items Purchase

Halo, setelah lama tidak posting, aku kembali lagi, huehuehue... Ini beberapa kutek yang baru kubeli untuk melengkapi koleksiku.

Dari kiri ke kanan:

OPI Color So Hot It Berns
TSF Nail Vita BW 704
TSF Nail Vita BW 705
TSF Nail Vita Base Coat
LA Colors Nail Polish - hint of silver
Milani 3D Holographic Specialty Nail Lacquer - hi res

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Men Luxury Manicure
Men's Manicure Grooming Set with Clippers, Tweezers and Scissors: Keep your nails in top condition with this simple grooming kit. Including toe and fingernail clippers, tweezers and grooming scissors, have a perfectly manicured appearance without trying.
Men&39s Leather Manicure Set Black Personalised Leather Cased Manicure/Grooming Kits. Our ‘his and hers’ sets make ideal gifts for the well-groomed lady or gent, are perfect for travel and offer
Lady Carving Manicure
Manicure grooming
Men Manicure

Not many men regard male manicure as an essential part of beauty grooming. But, if the modern man finds neat appearance and good looks important in his pursuit of success, then neat nails becomes inevitable.
In earlier days, women assessed men by the cleanliness of his shoes. Today, women like men who dress well and well-attended--men with clean hands and trimmed nails.
A good manicure will ensure that one's nails are clean, neat and trim. Here are easy at-home steps manicure to give nails a trimmed appearance.

Easy Do-It-Yourself Male Manicure

Before starting, make sure to get a Male Manicure Grooming Kit that contains nail brush, orange sticks, emery board, nail buffer, nail filer, and cuticle nipper including a fingernail clipper.
To prepare, cut nails using a fingernail clipper to ideal length then shape nails with an emery board. Remember to cut straight across. File away rough edges so the tips are smooth and round. Brush nails gently to remove dirt from underneath the nail tips, along the nail folds and across the nail plates.

Lady Carving Manicure
Victorian Manicure

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have enjoyed doing Halloween nails sooooo much! I want to keep doing them for a couple more months. It is such a great time of year for festive nails :) I am sooooo excited to do some super cute fun fabulous nails for Christmas and some beautiful elegant stuff for winter and some blingtastic ones for New Years. It is a fabulous time of year for nails. Fun nails definitely cheer me up :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Basic Tips For At-Home Manicures Nail Art

If you are planning to paint your manicures at home, you can save money and still get a lovely result. At-home manicures can be as simple or as detailed as you like, depending on your skills and comfort in painting your own nails. Consider these basic tips for at-home manicures to get you started.
Salon manicures can cost a bundle while also requiring you to leave your home and plan a certain time when you can visit for a manicure appointment. Doing an at-home manicure instead allows you to paint your nails at your own pace and use your creativity over and over again. Try any or all of the manicure tips for at-home fingernail painting.

• Start with easy manicures like solid colors, alternating colors, or basic abstract designs like stripes going in different directions or even polka dots.
• Remove all old polish with nail polish remover and cotton balls.
• Start out with a basecoat for best results and to help strengthen fingernails.
• Paint coats of nail polish one at a time to allow your nails to dry completely.
• Find out the best colors of polish based on your nail bed or shape.
• Consider adding nail art decals, stickers, or tiny temporary tattoos for a creative touch.
• Think about trying something new, like 3D acrylic designs for your nails.
• Paint tiny nail designs using nail art brushes if desired.
• Add a clear topcoat to protect your at-home manicure and increase length of time that it should last.
• Try a glitter topcoat for added glitz and glamour.
• Wear dark nail polish colors on short nails.
• Try to do your own French manicures at home for special occasions or anytime you like.
• Keep practicing to improve your at-home manicure skills.
• Create fun at-home manicures with your favorite nail polish colors. Mix and match for a variety of effects.

At-home manicures can range from French manicures to do-it-yourself nail designs to solid color manicures and even patterns. Gather up your favorite nail polish colors, decals, adornments, and other nail accessories so you can create your own manicures and even pedicures at home. Take your time painting your nails and your manicures and nail designs should come out great, while also getting better and better as you paint your nails more often. You can even paint your friends' nails or host a nail painting party or a spa party for even more fun.

Nice Abstract Design nail Art

Abstract nail patterns would also serve as the best blueprint to copycat. These simple patterns created without any difficulties would help you practice the tiny lines, spots and cute designs as well as basic shapes to be able to handle the more complex designs with mastery. Mix/match the different shades from a wider nail color palette in order to see the perfect combos to create various nail art trends. Designs showed above are some of the basic patterns to exercise with therefore have them at hand when you start your manicure sessions. The more you practice the better your techniques will become paving your way to success.

Flower Design Nail Art With 2010

Floral nail art is the best idea to start with as it might help you learn how to draw the fine lines and play with proportions. The simple as well as more complex flower images look fabulous both paired with long and short nails. Those who would like to surprise their friends with a stylish manicure should ask their help to practice the various techniques. Create simple patterns until you'll learn to handle the manicure tools with mastery and ease. Use more shades in order to make things more versatile and take a glimpse at the designs above that are perfect to polish your handiness and also challenge your creativity to pull of memorable and worth-admiring nail designs.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nail art gel Images

Nail art gel
Nail art gel
Nail art gel
Nail art gel
Nail art gel
Nail art gel

Saturday, October 16, 2010



Two nail lacquers are included in the Liberty of London collection: Blue India, a teal-ish blue shade; and Vestral White, a creamy milky white hue. I haven't tried either of these, but the Blue India nail lacquer looks fantastic, and the packaging is beyond cute.

Nice pair

Hello my Sweet Nail-Art Lovers.
I cant believe that i totally forgot to post for you this sweet pair. I did this mani and and matching pedi a while ago and it turned out really delightful. I wore it for the gitls night out that i recently had with my college girlfriends. Came home at about 4 am with 2 broken nails - ha ha , but still worth it :)

2 Fall hand painted manicures

Hello my Sweet Nail art lovers.
Since i was so lazy and only been posting once a week, today i am going to spoil you with 2 Automn themed manicures. I like the red ne better, but i hope you will enjoj both. Thanks

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Where do I begin to explain what's going on with all of these nails. Halloween is the time to just go super crazy on nails. Soooo there is a lot going on here. If any of you have questions on the specifics of what products I used etc... just send me an e-mail and I will do my best to respond.
This is mostly hand painting that I learned from a Young Nails class :)

The orange moons here are from The purple is purple passion from

This is a set of nails that I did on a 10 year old for her Birthday. This is her very first set of acrylics and she knew exactly what she wanted!

Loving the swirl for Halloween.

On these nails I faded green, black and purple together. Love these colors for Halloween. I like how the spider pops on that green!

These are my sister-in-laws nails. I handpainted a gravestone and put her husbands (my brothers) initials on it. Heee heeee hee.

This is a cool effect I learned from Young Nails. I used black acrylic and then put "ice" glitter over the top. The way it reflects the light makes it look blue. Lovin it!

This is opi gel polish in black onyx with a coat of extra va ganza over the top. Had to add the 3d spider and web. SPOOKY!

This is a fimo clay witch on the ring fingers from Also added the clay dots that I love from

This is one of those sets of nails that I was dreaming about. It's weird a design or idea will get stuck in my head when I'm trying to fall asleep and I just have to get it out the next day or I go crazy.... Oh wait I already am crazy!

I'm just loving this design. Just a cute Halloween combination. The silver is one of my favorites from Young Nails. It is called Hologram. It works super good in a fade.