Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy summer nails

Hello my Sweet Nail-Art Lovers
I missed you all week long, because i had this gorgeous manicure to share with you. And guess what? I even have a matching tows. In fact tows came out first and i really loved how this idea looked so i decided to make a matching manicure. This is not exact match but kind of look alike and made with the same base color and same decals. I really like the 3D effect that this yellow circle added to the design.
By the way this gorgeous base color is an amazing Zoya "Robin" from summer Flash collection.
So here are my tows and nail and i hope you ll enjoy, i had a blast wearing this sweet bright pair this week. Have a great week, and stay tuned next Sunday :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Everytime I use the fimo clay dots from the nails turn out so cute so I had to incorporate them into the 4th of July theme. I created the flag on the ring fingers with acrylic :)

This is OPI gel polish in Big Apple Red. I hand painted the design.

4th of July nails! I mixed this confetti with stuff I purchased from The white stars are confetti from Zurchers party store.

This is a light blue art glitter called Mystery. I added fimo clay flowers from

These nails have 3 different colors of pink with silver stars.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4th of July and Many More

I just have to say this is an amazing client of mine. She thinks she drives me crazy but the truth is I love crazy! She is awesome because she makes me think out of the box and pushes me to be more creative and keep learning. This is the exact reason why I love my job so much. It would be so boring if I never had to use my brain. So thanks to this client and all of my other amazing clients! You're the best!

These are some little diamonds that I purchased from The background silver is hologram from young nails.

This is a twisted version of 4th of July nails. Love these!

My new favorite fimo clay flowers.

More 4th of July nails. The white stars are made with an impression tool from

The next two sets of nails are of amazing clients of mine. They ran a 188 mile relay race called the ragnar. They both wanted nails that went with their teams colors. I wanted them to both look different though.

This is me just adding a little spice on a regular fill on a client.

This is gel polish I did on my sisters nails and toes for her upcoming trip to disneyworld. Have fun!

This is opi gel polish in bogota blackberry. I added 3d stars and painted some little fireworks and accents.

This is a real dried flower on the ring finger.

This is a fimo clay lily from They are sliced super thin so they are easy to work with.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Conservative office manicures

Hello my Sweet Nail Art Lovers.
I miss you all so much, and i am so excited right now, writing this post.
Today i will post you manicures that wore during the first week of my new job. Well it is pretty conservative, but however looked perfect in the office environment. And those gorgeous colors are from Essie Resort Collection - i love it. The last manicure is a clone of my San Francisco manicure from last summer, but done on shorter nails. I really love the combination of morrow shine chrome polish and bright details. So what do you think? Woukd those nails be apropriate for your office?

Monday, June 14, 2010


This is a 7 year old client of mine. We did glitter toes and nails with lots of different colors. I added a peace sign with a nail art pen. They turned out so cute! Have a fabulous vacation Maddy!

These were a lot of fun to do. I used blue and green acrylic as the base. I also added little white dots of acrylic to look like bubbles. Next I added fimo clay fish from To finish I painted some "seaweed" and used a gel top coat for some serious shine!

A little bit about how I did these nails. I used reverse application. Then I put pure black right up to the smile line, then I added the pink over the top of that. I need to keep practicing the reverse. Hopefully I'll keep improving. :)

This is a design I was dying to do. I found a really cool client to try it out on. I think it turned out super cute!

So it is time to do Fourth of July nails again! Whoot Whoot! I created a little flag on the ring nails.

On these nails I used a glitter called "All American" from I faded it into a silver acrylic. Very Patriotic.

This is a metallic white from young nails. I faded little silver bling into it.

The next 4 pictures are all opi gel polish. You can do so many cute things with gel polish. The pink french manicure seems to be popular this week!

I have to mention something funny about this picture. This is my almost 8 month pregnant sister-in-law. I made her bend over and put her hands by her toes. She said she would do her best but she might have to pee after she bent over. I think she did a fabulous job! Thanks for letting me torture you Haley :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Sweet Nail Art Lovers

Hey hey hey, long time did not post anything, by bad.
Due to the changes in my life i am unfortunately have to reduce my postings to a proximately once a week, where i ll post the best nail -art, or a few images of nail that i been wearing this week, i hope you will still come visit my blog.
So here are some manicures that are about 3-4 weeks old, but nether got a chance to post it, One is butterfly kondad and another is a hand painted flowers.
I think both those are gorgeous, and i hope you ll enjoy it as well

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My client here found an amazing inspirational picture on the internet. This is our version of it. Very colorful and fun!

Light spring colors topped off with a little meeeooow!

If you look closely you can see I did an abstract light blue and brown background. Then I added the 3d flowers and some little 3d pearl dots. All of my nails are done with acrylic.

This is opi gel polish in "I'm india mood for love". I added a 3d cupcake. Yum!

Another set of nails that reflect my love of purple and stars.

Just a super cute idea that I stole from another nail tech. Sometimes other people's ideas are just so good that you can't resist!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I am really excited about these nails because I used reverse application. It is something I have been working on. For all of you nail techs out there you can view a video on how to do reverse application at This technique makes it possible to use hard to work with colors and you still get a fabulous smile line :)

This is opi gel polish in I'm india mood for love. I painted a little design on top. It's really hard to go wrong with pink and black. It always looks fabulous darling.

This client said I could do whatever I wanted. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh) I've been feeling very creative lately so when I hear "do whatever you want" it really is music to my ears!

This is just a fun but simple design with purple and silver. Of course you can't go wrong with purple either because it is my favorite color! Love it!