Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm going through a phase again this time it is with young nails impression tools. If you think these nails are wild and crazy you should meet this client of mine! LOL

This is one of the newest glitters from I added the white star using an impression nail stick from Everything I have purchased from young nails has been amazing and has really made my job so much easier! Thank you Young Nails!

All of the dots (except for the black polish dots) in this design are done with acrylic. I used golden halo from as the base color.

Super fun confetti nails. I mixed this confetti with clear acrylic. I just love when it's so easy to do something that turns out so cute.

This is opi gel nail polish in louvre me louvre me not. The white star is a sticker that changes colors in the sun!

I used 3 different colors of purple on these nails and added some moody confetti from young nails. I added some silver and black polish to really give them that extra edge! I loooove these!

A classic black and silver design.

I'm loving this bright yellow. It's from the neon glitter collection at

The color of these nails is blue and yellow but my camera just doesn't like to photograph the lighter colors as well. I'm sure it's probably the photographers fault.

The rule when I do nails is if you don't decide on a design or color then chances are you'll probably get purple! I embedded all sorts of different things in these nails and also used an impression tool from young nails to make a star on a few of the nails.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simple , but nice

This is a really simple but in the same time super nice ring + nails set.
I know i have not been posting a lot recently, i guess i need a little break and also having a very very busy life right now.
I still have tons of pictures of my nail art, and i hope i ll catch up with posting soon enough.I hope you enjoy the mani.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

long and square pedicure

long and square pedicure
long and square., originally uploaded by I can't help it.

long and square pedicure

long and square pedicure

long and square pedicure
long and square., originally uploaded by I can't help it.

long and square pedicure


These nails were inspired by a photo my client found on the internet. You really can't go wrong with anything pink and black.

These nails are done with colors from the diva collection. I hand painted on the top. I used acrylic paint mixed with water to help it glide on. I also used a small inexpensive brush that I purchased from the craft store.

This is my first attempt at a 3d flower. The color on the nails is hot kiss with pink & yellow mylar added.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Calla Lillies Manicure

Hello Dear Nail-Art Lovers.
Callas are my great weakness, this is probably first time i came up with something that i can present to you with callas. I like how the flowers came up, however the leaves looks like a cabbage to me. Well where is really a lot of room for improvement.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cherry Punch Manicure

Hello Sweet Nail-Art Lovers.
I really like the way this manicure turned out, very alluring. I think the base color is gorgeous - this is one of my favorite nail polish shades ever. It is Zoya "Demi" fall 2009 collection "Dare".
I also made a matching ring to compliment this manicure.
The pedicure is not the exact match however it also has cherries, just played out little differently .

Monday, May 10, 2010


This client of mine is amazing. She is so creative and thinks of designs that I would never come up with! I absolutely love it. I feel like the best nail designs are always a collaboration. There is a lot going on here, the nails are acrylic with little glitter moons in them. The design on top is done with gel paint.

This is another gel paint design. I learned this technique at the ibs las vegas show. I love it because it is very easy to do but it looks so cool!

These are actually my nails. I had my amazing nail tech do them and then I added the gel paint design on the ring fingers. Hey I have to have a little fun too!

These nails have some little "keys" on them. I didn't have a plan just kind of went for it.

These are acrylic nails. I layered two colors gunmetal and purple pizazz from I added a real dried flower on the ring finger.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Red Rose with Black Leaves

Hello my Sweet Nail-Art Lovers.
Today's manicure turned out really great, however all the pictures ended up king of faded.
The idea of this manicure is stolen from some picture that i found online.
Unfortunately can not find the original image any more.
I used stamps to make red roses, and i painted leaves with black acrylic paint. One day i ll definitely make a pedicure with the same design, it will look super cool on the toes.
I apologize for not very nice pictures, and i hope you can still enjoy this manicure. Thanks.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beautiful Red Toe Art

Beautiful Red Toe Art design
Toe Art :), originally uploaded by ~*Leah*~.

Beautiful Red Toe Art design

Beautiful Red Toe Art

Beautiful Red Toe Art design
Toe Art :), originally uploaded by ~*Leah*~.

Beautiful Red Toe Art design

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gel Polish Cheetah and much more!

This is opi gel polish in Pink Flamenco. I hand painted a little cheetah print to go with a super cute outfit my client brought for inspiration! Love the gel polish just can't get enough of it.

This client was in the mood for blue and green so that is exactly what she got! I hand painted some little swirls and circles.

These are some stars that I purchased from the IBS Las Vegas show. I just mixed them with some acrylic and went for it!

These are fimo clay flowers from The glitter that I faded into the black is from Can you tell that I love internet shopping for nail stuff???

This is a glitter from I love their stuff! I just bought some of their new glitters.

These have fimo clay dragonflies and flowers from

Baseball Mom! The baseballs are fimo clay from Go Granger Lancers! Go #24! Woot Woot!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Painted Flower manicure

Here is my bright hand painted flower manicure made in One stroke technique, hope you ll like it.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Are you starving for some cute...

Are you? Well, unfortunately nails today are not that cute,but i have however some really cute pictures of my Marshal to share. He seems really enjoy this pose, and been captured laying like this many times. We call it a flying squirrel pose, but however all the ideas about how to name this are kindly welcomed in comments. He is my sweet orange chipmunk, isn't he super cutey?