Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My client came in today and said I could do whatever I wanted on her nails so this is what happened! I used acrylic in nebula, lime rind, and purple passion. I alternated different colors on the nails and tips. I also used a frankenstein and witch fimo clay from Of course I had to add a few dots here and there. HAPPY HAUNTING!

These nails are done with northern lights and then I used purple passion acrylic at the smile line and faded it up into the white. I used clay witches on the ring fingers from none other than


These are acrylic nails in nebula black with ezflow candy corn orange at the tip. I added fimo clay jack o'lanterns from on the ring fingers. My client was feeling wild today so we went even further and added black and orange dots with polish at the smile line.


These nails have a fimo clay BOO! on the ring fingers. I painted black tiger stripes at an angle on all of the nails.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Black Lace Manicure

Recently i have been crazy about black,white and orange nail colors. Is it a good sign?
I really enjoy this look, i think it is gentle and stylish. I again was inspired my Boudoir collection from CC.I mean, seriously, just look at those gems - aren't they stunning? And i really love that even with the top coat over it, they are still super sparkly. Again, it is a little piece of mirror in every gem.

Right Hand


It's time for Halloween nails! I added acrylic in candy corn by ezflow at the smile line. On the ring finger there is a fimo clay spider from I also added black tiger stripes at an angle with a striping brush. Happy Halloween!


I used two colors of acrylic here in purple spinel and plum loco. I added fimo clay leaves that I purchased from I also added dots with polish.


Just some random polish pictures.
Flakes polishes are gorgeous and this one delivers really deep and awesome Halloweenish look. This is quit rare that i decide go without design on the nails, but this polish is design itself

Matted with Essie Mate top coat

Toenails In Light Blue Nail Design

nail designs for toe nail art wih light blue green nails
Nail art design for toe nails light blue fantastic

Toenails In Light Blue Nail Design

nail designs for toe nail art wih light blue green nails
Nail art design for toe nails light blue fantastic

Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Good Bye Summer" nail art contest!

OMG! All the nails are super beautiful, you must come and vote! just click HERE
My nails are number 9 :) Unfortunately Jamie scaled pictures, so my nails are kind of small where, but here are some other bigger pictures of my entry .The idea behind this manicure is a change of season, because for this super worm summer look, i used polishes from fall and winter collections(orange and red glitter)
Anyway this is super tough to wait for results till Wednesday.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alternative "GoodBye Summer' manicure

I am super excited because tomorrow Jamie from Nail-art Tuesday will pronounce her contest results. I just cant wait to see other entries besides mine. I also encourage everybody to come visit her blog tomorrow, because one of the winners will be readers choice. So you can vote for entries where starting tomorrow.
I sure encourage you to vote for my entry lol. But it is really up to you, vote for the one you like the most.
My contest entry will not be reviled until tomorrow, but today i am posting my alternative manicure that i made for contest ,but it nether been submitted.

Friday, September 25, 2009


This is my client that started the whole dot trend. These nails are done with acrylic in polar bear. I added fimo clay dots that I purchased from I just love these dots. I would love to do a set with orange and black for halloween. I can't wait for Halloween nails!


These are acrylic nails I used acrylic in northern lights and added purple passion at the smile line. On the ring fingers I added smiley faces made of fimo clay and added purple passion acrylic at the tip. Last but not least I added white dots with polish. Don't worry be happy!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Just some random nail pictures today :)
I made this gradient using Zoya polishes, Just as i told many times before, Zoyas are my favorite for gradient look.
Today is going to make my mail-art for Jamie's contest at Nail-art Tuesday. in fact i already made one design, but i am not really happy with it, so i ll make another attempt today and when chose which one will be the winner :)


I did these nails with acrylic in black hole. I added fimo clay flowers and then I did little white dots with polish.


These nails are done in northern lights and then I added silver at the smile line in carnival queen by ezflow.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Snow!

I think this stamping design looks like first snow, or may be it is just because it is like super cold here last couple days, and i herd in 9 news that it si even snow in a mountains.
The road that i take to school will be closed for 10 days, and i have to drive on the other road, which is closer to mountains .Oh, boy, it is super breath taking, i can not believe that all this beauty is right here. :)
Anywya the base color for this mani is color club "Wild at heart."
What this mani look like for you?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Poker nails 2 (Mild Edition)

As i promised here is a mild edition of poker nails, and i actually wore it to school today. Not as pretty as first one but still quite nice.
But i had to remake it today for something more shy, because have to teach undergrad class tomorrow.Again all the polishes i used are from color club holiday and Halloween collections. I really love those polishes, they make my creativity just explode. Especially holiday Glitters.
I see that recently a lot of blogger got those little nice awards from each other. Why i nether got one? Don't you guys like me?


These nails I did with polar bear acrylic. I added punk pink near the smile line and added tiger stripes with polish.

These are acrylic nails in nebula (my favorite color). I added white tiger stripes with polish.


This is very similar to another set of nails I did before. They were so cute that my client wanted to do them but we made them just a little bit different. The silver on the tips is acrylic ezflow in carnival queen. It's a really cool color because it has little flecks of other colors in it. I think I might have to copy these on myself when I get my nails done next time.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Poker Nails 1

Hello Sweet Readers!
I have for you today a poker nails. i have been thinking about this manicure for a while, and finaly get a chance to make it.
OMG - doing nails is like meditation for me, it is super relaxing and really helps to calm down, recharge and relief stress. And its not even about the result, it is about the process.
i mean i probably would not go to school with nails like this, but isn't it nice and cool to make it and take a pictures :)
And by the way, i used holiday and Halloween collections from color club for this manicure. I love blacks and wites from Color Club, and this red glitter was jsut made for a mani like this.
Oh, and stay tuned, because tomorrow i am gpoing to publish a "Mild "version of Poker Nails :)
I hope youa re super intrigued...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Tinkerbell's bath " Called by super creative Amabile!

Hey Ladies (and possibly gentlemen ^_^)
he picture s alittle flashed, but in fact this color combination looks very cool, and stamped bubles are really visible.
The only problem is that neither me nor my husby can come up with the ame for this manicure, so i decided ask for help my dear readers. Please let me know in comments how would you call this manicure. The best name wil replace a title of this post. Thanks for help, and i hope you like this manicure.


This is a fade that I did with hot kiss near the tip of the nail and plum loco near the smile line. I added clay butterflies that I purchased from I also added blue dots with polish.