Monday, August 24, 2009

Vacation nails

This is the manicure that actually supposed to be my vacation manicure. Unfortunately it lived a day - by the evening of our first day, it started to come off with big chips and i had to remake it.
i did not used color lock system on this one. Next manicure i made - and used color locks system lived a day too, and all the other polishes with or without top coat or design lived only hours :(
So in fact i don't blame products, but climate! it is super wet where, and probably this is how my nails reacts to the humidity - the polish just comes of in a matter of hours - no matter what i use. I gave up after couple manicures and just cut my nails short and used simple Zoya french polish - one coat, which i had to renew every now and then since it was chipping too, but worked best of all other polishes i tried. So this is a tropical reality - it delivers the fun, but sacrifices manicures.
However i used color lock system for pedicure, but with other then Zoya brand - and i would say it did B+ ,because i did not have to remake my pedicure everyday. In fact it almost made it, started chipping really bad only last day.