Saturday, August 29, 2009

Color Club - "Wild at Heart"

I decided to first make a swatches of the fall collection presented by color club - "Wild at heart". Those color are so wild and super beautiful, that i can't resist not to try them all on first. Each of polishes is unique in its own way, and a s a design expert - they all are perfect for nail designs both - as a base color and as a design color too, and i am sure that you ll be super pleased with the nail-art work that i ll make with Color Clubs. But first lets take a look at those beauties.

"Wild and Willing" - is a light natural beige with holographic sparkle . I am personally not a fan of beige's - but this one is definitely one of the most pleasant beige that i have seen. Will amke a perfect base color for designs. 2 coats pictures

"Love'em - Leave'em" - Holographic Goldie - sparkle and very very eye catching. This color is absolutely amazing. i would say that it is more like rose gold color. 3 coats pictures.

"Rule Breaker" - This is super intense holo sparkle purple - a pure energy on you nails. Works very good for stamping and as a base color. The holographic sparkle differ significantly from anything i have ever seen. It does not require special light to actually see the beauty of holo, in contrast - it sparkle in any light - and this makes me just fall in love with the fall collection from Color Club

"Wild at Heart" - pearly Grey, with the touch of rainy sky. Super adorable, and also works very well for stamping. Dark grays is another big trend this fall, and this polish is a must have. 2 coats

"With Abandon" - you can not abandon this irresistible emerald Perl cream. Dark greens is a nice trend this fall - but this shade is very special and perl finish makes it look just magnificent.
This may be my favorite shade from all the collection. But it is really hard to say, because i love all the colors. 2 coats

"On the Wild Side" - this color drives me seriously wild - it is black with the gold includes in it - looks very rich and special. Not that many polishes on the market can deliver this special effect.However would be nice if color was more intense - it took me 4 coats to get the look on the pictures

In conclusion, i would say that "Wild at Heart" - is a collection of super trendy and special shades that complimented with the outstanding quality of Color club professional lacquers. Easy to control formula - make application of those polishes just a piece of cake. And i am personally in love with all the collection - all shades are super beautiful.