Monday, August 31, 2009

Perlish Nails

This is simple and beautiful stamping design that i made using latest color club polishes. base color is "Ghost of Chance" and for stamping i used adorable "Wild at Heart" - wish looks just beautiful. I decorated this design using rhinestones from Art Club Boudoir "Black and White" collection. I will review this wonderful box of treasures soon,with more designs. The rhinestones are amazing, i am not sure i was able to capture it on camera - but the middle of rhinestones is made of mirror - and the effect it delivers is just amazing, especially on bright sun. rhinestones comes in different sizes and colors which makes design opportunities just endless. Stay tuned for full review of Black and White collection from art club, which is coming soon...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

taBoo inspired

I guess i am just in love with this color :) it is so fresh and different. Oh and about atamping on the point finger - it supposed to be a middle one, but i stamped on the wrong one, and just decided to keep it this way. Is it ever happened to you that you stamped somehting on the wrong finger?

I love love love new color club polishes !!!!

And a weekly picture of my Sweet Kolbasa-cat marshal. My friend Lena gave us a cat house that he seem to just love, because it is so much fun. If i were a kitty i would love to have one of whose. By the way - i finally found an exact definition of his color - he is "Ivory with touch of Orange" :)

Master of Disguise by Color Club

As you probably can see, i changed blog appearance today - i hope it is not too early for Halloween. But i am just super excited - Halloween is my favorite holiday. So since the site is all set up now, i decided to publish my swatches of the color club Halloween collection , to support the right mode.
"Master of Disguise " is a 4 mini lacquers collection created specially to fulfill your and of cause my Halloween needs. It consists of very good and opaque white and black shade, and supporting orange and dark purple glitters. And i am telling you it is a really big deal - to find really good whites and blacks. I always have troubles finding polishes opaque enough, and with Halloween collection Color Club just "tickled my pickle" - because white and black are really excellent. So here are some swatches.
Ghost of chance - don't let your chance for perfect white dissapear like a ghost... 2 coats
Abracadabra - wonderful bright orange glitter - perfect for design purposes - very sparkle stylish 3 coats
taBoo - must have - super beautiful and sparkle - 2 coats
Master of Disguise - Black is black - no more words, just the deepness..


These are acrylic nails in purple passion. I added yellow dots and a flower made from fimo clay. The smaller dots are done with nail polish.


This is a new color I just got called lava lamp. I added it on the acrylic nails near the smile line and did gel glitter toes to match.


These are fimo clay dots in solid and hollow. They come in 5 different sizes and I have them in hot pink, orange, white, blue, yellow and black. Here are two different sets of nails I did with similar color combinations.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Color Club - "Wild at Heart"

I decided to first make a swatches of the fall collection presented by color club - "Wild at heart". Those color are so wild and super beautiful, that i can't resist not to try them all on first. Each of polishes is unique in its own way, and a s a design expert - they all are perfect for nail designs both - as a base color and as a design color too, and i am sure that you ll be super pleased with the nail-art work that i ll make with Color Clubs. But first lets take a look at those beauties.

"Wild and Willing" - is a light natural beige with holographic sparkle . I am personally not a fan of beige's - but this one is definitely one of the most pleasant beige that i have seen. Will amke a perfect base color for designs. 2 coats pictures

"Love'em - Leave'em" - Holographic Goldie - sparkle and very very eye catching. This color is absolutely amazing. i would say that it is more like rose gold color. 3 coats pictures.

"Rule Breaker" - This is super intense holo sparkle purple - a pure energy on you nails. Works very good for stamping and as a base color. The holographic sparkle differ significantly from anything i have ever seen. It does not require special light to actually see the beauty of holo, in contrast - it sparkle in any light - and this makes me just fall in love with the fall collection from Color Club

"Wild at Heart" - pearly Grey, with the touch of rainy sky. Super adorable, and also works very well for stamping. Dark grays is another big trend this fall, and this polish is a must have. 2 coats

"With Abandon" - you can not abandon this irresistible emerald Perl cream. Dark greens is a nice trend this fall - but this shade is very special and perl finish makes it look just magnificent.
This may be my favorite shade from all the collection. But it is really hard to say, because i love all the colors. 2 coats

"On the Wild Side" - this color drives me seriously wild - it is black with the gold includes in it - looks very rich and special. Not that many polishes on the market can deliver this special effect.However would be nice if color was more intense - it took me 4 coats to get the look on the pictures

In conclusion, i would say that "Wild at Heart" - is a collection of super trendy and special shades that complimented with the outstanding quality of Color club professional lacquers. Easy to control formula - make application of those polishes just a piece of cake. And i am personally in love with all the collection - all shades are super beautiful.

Friday, August 28, 2009


These nails are a creative collaboration between my client and her split personality! Ha, ha just kidding. I'm only saying that because I know this client can take a joke and hey I'm just trying to give her a taste of her own medicine. The nails did turn out quite cute with lots of fun personality.


These are nails that I did for a wedding. I used art glitter in polar bear and mixed it with clear acrylic. The little flowers I purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply. I added the little white dots with nail polish.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Simple Girly

This manicure is super simple and super girly and i think it looks quite good on short nails.
For stamp i used Zoya - "Pinta" and the edge is also Zoya "Kylie" - very beautiful pink shimmer.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Marble Nail attempt # 1003

Oh yeah... because i suck on making marble nails. I watched tons of videos, read numberouse instructions, view multiple picture, it just doe not work with me ,On this picture is the best outcome i have ever done, and i try many many time.
the problem i am facing is that even if i act fast, i still can not really create marbles with the polish on the water, because it all dry and get stuked to the tooth pick. May be somebody can give me a tip or an advise on it. I relaly want to lern how to make Marble nails

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vacation Mani 2

As i promised here is the second Mani i made when i was on vacations - this one also lived a day :) But what day... oh that was a good day spent snorkeling and drinking "sex on the beach" all day long. By the way, i had troubles remember the word "snorkeling" - so i just called it "crocodiling" :)

This is my sweet Marshal - he is growing and he is such a beautiful and cool cat!!! I nether had a cat like this - all my previous cats were evel and didnt like to be petted. So far marshal is very social - he likes to be arround people all the time, and he is a "lap-cat" - because he really likes to seat and sleep on laps and hands and to be carryed arround. And hes nick name so far is "Orange Chicken" - because this is my favorite thing from Panda lol and because he is super orange.


These are country nails! I put little fimo clay horseshoes, cowboy boots and horses on them. I added brown glitter acrylic on the tip and finished with polished white dots around the smile line. Now all they need is some wranglers, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat! Yee haw!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Vacation nails

This is the manicure that actually supposed to be my vacation manicure. Unfortunately it lived a day - by the evening of our first day, it started to come off with big chips and i had to remake it.
i did not used color lock system on this one. Next manicure i made - and used color locks system lived a day too, and all the other polishes with or without top coat or design lived only hours :(
So in fact i don't blame products, but climate! it is super wet where, and probably this is how my nails reacts to the humidity - the polish just comes of in a matter of hours - no matter what i use. I gave up after couple manicures and just cut my nails short and used simple Zoya french polish - one coat, which i had to renew every now and then since it was chipping too, but worked best of all other polishes i tried. So this is a tropical reality - it delivers the fun, but sacrifices manicures.
However i used color lock system for pedicure, but with other then Zoya brand - and i would say it did B+ ,because i did not have to remake my pedicure everyday. In fact it almost made it, started chipping really bad only last day.

Pictures from vactions

Finally!!! I know i know, that i should have posted it long time ago, it just gets so buisy here.
So here are some pictures from our wonderful vacations. We spent 7 nights and 8 days on the Cozumel island. I was a bit worried about the weather, since summer is a low season in Mexico, and it suppose to be too hot, but in fact - the weather was super nice for me - hot and wet, and since it is an island - a lot of breeze which make it feel very comfortable.
We had couple rain showers, but all in night, and it was even interesting to hear and see night tropical storm. The beach in our hotel was just amazing!!! Fishes and corals right where - so i spent a lot of time snorkeling. We had plans to go on tour around island and some others, but in fact was just so lazy, and preferred to just relax on the beach. The only tour we had - is that we went to the main land to visit Chichen Itza - and even though spent where all day - no regrets about it - it was a great tour and we enjoyed a lot. The only bad thing about those vactions is that it is over :) Can not wait till we go on the beach vacations again - all i need in my life is a sea, a sand, a sun, and a palm tree :)
So here are some pictures from those awesome 8 days in Mexico
View from our room balcony
Smoky , because camera glass gets all wet from air humidity
From the plain
Fairy we took to get to the main land

Chichen - Itza

Senote - very beautiful and cold to swim :)