Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CheezCake Nails

I really, really, really wanted to make those nails look like a CheeseCake, but you see how it came up. Only now, looking at those pictures i understand what was my fundamental mistake - i think i made too many marbles. Anyway ,at least a big finger looks the way it supposed to :)
May be i ll remake this mani one day. I used to be good at making marbles, but i guess i just forgot, last 20 marbles i made were a total mess. May be i need more practice .

More fun With Zoya Pinta

Here is another design that i made using Zoya Pinta. This color is so lovely. For stamping i used Essy "Punchi Pink", and the gold tip is made using Zoya "Penny" from Truth Collection.

Zoya "Demi" + Zoya "Isla"

Some Zoya swatches. Those colors are just gorgeous, did not even wanted to add any design.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Zoya Vanessa

OMG! this polish is probably my favorite from all the fall collection - it is so deep and sunny and creamy. I liked it so much that even made a matching toes.Check out gold flakes that i added on edge.

Hot Lips by Zoya

This post is about Hot Lips - lips gloss offered by Zoya to complement the fall collections of nail polishes. Where to start? I did not even opened the box yet, but already felt wonderful, berry smell of this lip gloss. Unlike most of the glosses this smell was so natural and cool, no smell of chemicals. The gloss itself is a little thick, but however provides easy , nice and even application. In the first 2 minutes it may feel a bit uncomfortable on the lips, but in 2-3 minutes this feeling is gone, i think this is because the gloss gets worm up by body temperature and "stick" to your lips. The really great thing about this lip gloss - is that it may stay on your lips for the really long time and is not affected a lot by drinking or making bobbles of the gum. It is not like real long lasting glosses that just gets like 8under your skin, i believe hot Lips create a long lasting wear effect because of its thickness. Using this gloss, feels so natural it does not feels or smells like chemical. So here are some swatches of this product, so you can compare how different shade looks on the lips.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


It was a frog inspired weekend! These are two different sets of frog nails. The frog is made from fimo clay and can be purchased through On both sets of nails I put a thin layer of acrylic and then placed the frog on the nail. Then I covered over it with acrylic. I finished off with a gel top coat! Ribbit, ribbit!

Zoya - Anaka (Fall Collection 2009 - Truth)

Bonus post for today - Zoya "Anaka" - juicy, berry flavored , hot fuchsia color.
This color is totally not in my palette, however, it is a pleasant experience to try somehting different. This color is as sweet as i even taste the sweetness om my tongue just by looking at it, and hardly can handle not to taste my nails lol

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zoya - Pinta (Fall Collection 2009 - Dare)

Hello Dear Readers!
Today i am going to introduce you a simple design inspired by Zoya "Pinta" - a beautiful shade from Dare collection.
What to say - i love love and love this color, it is really deep and rich, i would call it egg plant color. This shade had always been one of my favorite from darker color, and Zoya did a wonderful job with this polish - the formula is awesome and easy to control. The more i use Zoyas, the more i love them, honestly!!! My first Zoya haul, was bit of disappointment, because i expected 2-coater with good coverage - this is how they looked on pictures, but however in reality i guess i picked up all the transparent jellys on this first time. However i realized that even jelly have a word of opportunities in terms of layering and gradation. And really,m the more i use, the more i like the formula.
I added some zebra stamping to this awesome color, just to spice it up. For me personally - this color - must have!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Zoya - Drew (Fall Collection 2009 - Truth)

Keeping up with the Zoyas reviews. Today i present you Zoya "Drew" - light and exciting coral pink shimmer. I ll be honest this color is not in my pallet, and it probably would nether catch my eye. However it was such a pleasant surprise to see how great it compliments my skin tone. A little hard to make it even, however work totally worth.
For the design i used cheapest drug store stickers, that i don't even know where came from and been in my nail box like forever :) I like how the design turned out on this polish. Hove a happy weekend and stay tuned for more Zoya inspired designs in my Nail-Art World .


Sometimes my clients really surprise me with the ideas they come up with. I have to say it's my clients ideas that turn out to be some of the funnest and cutest nails! I couldn't keep up the creativity without all of you so thanks! This time I put the dots down into the pink and then added flowers on the ring fingers. The colored acrylic is called "flamingo"


This is a fimo clay watermelon. I layed it into the acrylic and added pink tips to match. Now I'm craving watermelon!

Summer Flowers

This is a real dried pink flower on the ring finger. I added little purple mylar flowers on all the nails.


These are flower decals that I layed into the acrylic. I have done something similar to this but I love the dark purple that I did here.

Zoya - Envy (Fall Collection 2009 - Dare)

So here is the first design i made using the beautiful , wonderful, amazing Zoya - Envy.
In her blog, THE NAILPHILE called this polish " a night in the forest" , but for me it is more like something puke and Panky - in a good mean of those words. On the nails this polish is really dark, unless you are on the bright sun. I used to cats, and this dark dark green compliment a lot other greens, especially neon like types of polishes for design. And why do you think this is the first review and design - simply because from the look on the bottle i like this polish the most. But again, this is fall collection, so i ll take the most advantage of those colors in fall.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Zoya Goodies For Review

Hello dear Readers!
I have a got today a hole bunch of Zoya stuff for review - you can not even imagine how happy i am to have it all, and how excited about having so much fun with it. Especially cool is putting my hands on Zoya fall collections Truth or Dare.

Truth & Dare is a fall collection so the colors may be a little not like summer, but fall is coming anyway and those going to be the hottest colors of the fall. For my own taste Dare catches my eye a little more then truth(may be because i have so many secrets :) ) But both collections are super hot and as usually excellent quality and formaldehyde free. By the way just for your information most Zoya polishes are perfect "2-coaters" - means that one coat is not enough to get the color but 2 coats make it all perfect and even. This make it perfect base coats for designs, but unfortunately not the best to use as a design polish. But if you are like me crazy about gradient look - 2 coaters, and particulary Zoyas - are perfect candidates for gradation designs, and most of the gradations that have done and published in this blog where made with Zoya polishes.

So the plan is that i am going to make and post the designs using the hottest polishes from those collections, so you can enjoy some nail-art and see how the polishes really look on the nails and how can you used those polishes to create beautiful Nail-Art.
As about Zoya Color lock system, i am gonna challenge this system really hard. But you ll have to wait for this a little bit :) Ok i ll tell you now. I can not really make a trial of this system wile i have my regular life, i simple can not wear same polish and design more then one day, but in August we are going on the week vacations, so Color Lock system is going to face a real life beach vacation challenge, and certainly i ll share all the results with you, here in my blog.
I also have got a wonderful Hot lips - gloss collection that perfectly complete polish collection , the review is coming in couple days, so you d better stay tuned :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Violet French

The most news for today is that i am short again. I am going to have a trip in 3 weeks ( i ll not yet tell you the details), so decided that this is time to renew my nails and grow some new. I cut it quite short today, but do not worry, as you k now my nails grows really quick. Anyway, as always it feels so wired to have it short. And here is some violet french design on my new short nails.

Here the largest nail has different violet polish when the rest, i just started with this perl one, but when changed my mind and make rest of the tips with china Glaze spontaneous


This is a fabulous client of mine! I did acrylic that I mixed with art glitter by Barbara Trombley called "barbies" I added the little dots that are from cinapro. And last but not least I added the black dots with polish.

Revlon Runaway inspired ...

Good time of the day, dear readers.
This manicure is inspired by the Revlon runaway collection that i review last week. Hand painted nail-art is certainly not as astonish as printed, but you know, where is somehting about those nails.
And also this is one of those cases when i do a way better on my right hand when on left. It happens sometime to me, i screw up all the left hand, but when i need to draw on the right hand using left hand i be more acurate and concentrated, so right hand come up way better when left.
As about this mani, i do not even want to show you my mess on the left hand.