Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blue glitter chunks

I am just loving these nails! I don't know the proper name for these hexagon shaped glitters but they sure are cute. I put the white acrylic on the tips first then added the glitters and topped them with clear. There are lots of different color options with these also. Have a fabulous day!

More tiger stripes! I have already shown this on my blog with a different clients nails but these pictures turned out so that you can see the detail a little bit better. The tiger stripes can be added to any color just to add a little bit of fun. I've also painted the actual stripes using all different colors of paint. White acrylic with hot pink tiger stripes is one cool if anyone wants that combo let me know and then I'll add your photo to my blog.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Matching dried blue flowers for nails and toes. Both the nails and toes are done with acrylic and finished with a gel top coat.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pure Coral

So in this design i applied the conception that simplicity is beautiful.
This is not really much of the design, nut the color is adorable, and i also applied a coat of maybeline gold flakes on the top.
I really want to know what to you, guys, think about this design. I try not post basic and simple designs, unless i absolutely love it ( like this one) , because i am not sure if it is interesting. Please let me know in the comments if you like simple designs to be posted as well or not. Please be honest, i really need to know your opinion. Thank you


I'm not sure which one is cuter the purple glitter toes or the fabulous shoes! I love them both. This picture really inspires me to go shoe shopping. My husband says that I don't need any inspiration for shopping.

Wedding Nails

Elegant wedding nails. I just love this look for a wedding. They are sparkly white acrylic with a very light pink at the tip. Very subtle and elegant.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Here is another crazy design i came up with yesterday. Hope you wont brake your eyes looking at it. I hate short nails, and i really want this damn paint to be delivered. Can not wait any longer.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Short French with pink flower

Here are my "new" short nails. Cant really do much of it, but this is what i have today. Also where is n additional picture of the Pink Lace design that i posted earlier. I realized that neon colors wont be shown properly, it just lose contrast because of the camera flash. And i am including this day light picture, just to show you real look of this astonish polish ( Essie - punchy pink)
I used it for the short nails french too, but again could not really make it show up on the picture, so i hope you ll excuse the quality of the pictures.

Russian Nail-Art

Everybody knows what Japanese nail-art is - crazy crazy bright and overloaded nails, very funky and noticeable. I want to introduce you to the Russian Nail-art. Oh yeah - nail industry in Russia is really huge, even if compare to the US. But where are some things that really distinguish Russian nail-art from the Japanese or American.
First of all, Fake nails are really popular in Russia. People get faked nails even if their own nails strong and have a good shape. Because fake nails are kind of pricey, it became some kind of status thing,like expensive cell phone or jewelery.
Another interesting fact about Russian nails - is shape. this sharp shape that i call "tiger nails" have been around and very popular for last several years.
All those pictures i took from the Russian forum of professional nail masters, those are not contest works - in contrast those real clients nails. So this is something people do not just for pictures, but they really wears nails like this. And it does not wonder me at all, because i have seen stuff like this around a lot.
Unlike in japan - tech stuff is hard to get and expensive in Russia. You cant even get stuff from eBay if you live in Russia ,where is no such a thing as e-commerce and post works really bad. (It is a banking system issue, most people don't use credit cards, and Russian business cant have a online payment systems, because visa don't want to deal with them) Good example is Fimo clay or Konad - most nail masters did not even herd of it, seriously! Those difficulties, i believe, lead to the great imagination and talent development, and i am just amazed of how talented those Russian masters and by the amazing nails they do.So couldn't help to share some pictures with you.
( All pictures are taken from "Gilina"

And if you wonder what is my opinion about faked nails - i really don't care that much, natural or faked nails, i just love nail design, and i like a lot the opportunities that all those acrylic and gel materials provide from the design perspective. I like the aquarium type of nails, and really want to learn how to do stuff like this .

Monday, May 25, 2009


These are real dried flowers that I placed on the nail and covered with acrylic. I added purple acrylic in aurora at the tip. Aren't they cute!


These ladybugs are made from polymer clay. The tips are done with acrylic in nebula and fire engine. Of course I just had to add the red polka dots with polish. I hope you enjoy your nails Celia!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

In memory of my long nails

Bad news, broke 2 of my nail quite bad yeatoday on the graduation party - pointy on the right hand - it even was bleeding :( So i had to cut all the rest short too. So will have to grow it back at lest a little untill still able to make any design.
Here is some stamping from last week, some kinf of in memory of my long nails.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


This is a color fade. I used sparkly black acrylic near the tip of the nail and then added hot pink near the smile line. I painted the black dots as a finishing touch. Good luck at your dance recital Alli!

Hot pink acrylic with star ribbon!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Nail art addiction

Fun! Fun! Fun! This is green and pink ribbon on the ring fingers. We added the pink polka dots first then decided to go all out and add the green tips. WARNING! Nail art can be addicting!

This is polar bear acrylic with purple star glitters that I covered with clear acrylic.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pink Lace 2 ( improved)

I already posted one time nails called pink lace, but here is an improved version. ( in fact just cant come up with the name for this one, so trying to make a trick here)
I really like how those came up. I was doing it for the graduation party of my husbands friend daughter, but after i was done, i realized that the party is not tomorrow but Saturday, so probably will have to make another manicure for the party. By the way - no photoshop here , at all :0 So , see, i am not that bad in doing my nails.
For Vanessa - the graduating dougtcher of my husbands friend, i made a beautiful slide show out of her pictures. I havent posted it online yet, because this is going to be a surprise to show it on the party, but you can see another videos that i make by visiting my web site here

Camile Nail design

It started like a good idea, but i dont really like the result i came up with, so cant stand this one longer then a day, and had to remove it today, still waiting for my paint... oh gosh, i so hope to get it tomorrow.
Do you guys wanna know the secret of good looking pictures?
The answer is right here - first nails before photoshop :)
(In fact i usually dont get that messy, so this one is really good - i mean mess, but as most of you i do certain bad spots all the time)

Nails After photoshop

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ColdFusion in a hot days

Gosh ,it is been so hot in Colorado last couple days, that i instinctively made some cold blue nails ( it also matches my dress and t-shirt, but its just a coincidence :) ) The base is China Glaze - bahamian escape, and the stamping is made by Orly - witch blue. This polish is not really stampable, it took em so long to accomplish this one. Orly polish was so hard to get on stamp clean, it always picked up some additional color.