Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Millitary Girl

How contagious is the addiction to the nail polishes? Extremely contagious!!!
I went to my local Sally Beauty shop yesterday, just to get some Soche Vite top coat ( i herd about it from "Polish Addict", because she called it her greatest nail opening. in the get to know article, and i just couldn't wait to try it, especially after reading some really good reviews on the net). But in the store i found that where is china glaze "for Audrey" for sale, and i was going to order it anyway, so decided to get this one too. And then the cashier told that where is a promotion going on on china glaze and orly - "buy one get one free" - so i had to pick up 2 more colors. And since already got so many stuff, i decided to get some color club nail-art goodies too :)
And yes!!! i am absolutely happy, still :)
Here is my interpretation of "For Audrey", that i was just dying to try for last several weeks. It happened to be a little hacki-military style, but for Audrey is the amazing color, which really don't need any design on it .


I just love these gel glitter toes for summer. Isn't this a cute color. I custom mixed the color myself to make it the exact shade my customer wanted. The color choices are endless.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This holografic design reminds me sunny and fairy Marocco or something of middle east :) The base is holographic china glaze (tonight)
I have tryed holografics before, but almost always was dissapointed. In fact this time too. It look really sparkly and deep on the pictures, or under the lamp, but when i just look at it, i only see grey-blue something on my nails unless under the special angle. So i still woder does it really look like it looks on the pictures when other people look at it. Anyway for those pictures it worth that i gave holos another shoot.


I am in the mood for spring! These are similar to my previous post. These are flower stickers covered with acrylic and I added the white dots again as a finishing touch. Even though I always post my fun colorful nail art I do have white for those of you who prefer it. Sorry that some of these pictures turned out a little fuzzy. Have a great day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Strowberry Shake

Still waiting for summer :) Base is Orly "Polo princess" and the green details is a color club glitter.

Sparkle Blue Pedi

Friday, April 24, 2009

My birthday nails :)

I dotn know why, but i think that this design looks like a 50's housewife :) I wish i was lol.
And gosh - those "whole nail images" are hard to apply, i had to repolish my nails couple times until i get it to look at least like this - this whit thing just doesn't want to come up right. If you know a trick or something, please let me know , i am very interested. Usually i am good and comfortable at stamping, but those huge things... may be it just not meant for my nails... to bad becaus ei ahve got couple of them .
Anyway - this is my birthday manicure, because today is my birthday, so i am going out right now :) I am officially 26 :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pink Lace

My memory is so overloaded with all that stuff that we study at school, so i can't really think of anything else. I dont know if i have ever mentioned here that i attend a very hard and intensive graduate program on computer information system, and gosh - this is hard. Sometimes i feel that my head is just going to blow up. But the good news is that after the end of this semester i ll only have 2 classes left, so i am planning to graduate this December.
Good for me , doing my nails helps me relax and reboot :)
This particular design have helped me to solve the huge problem with my homework. When i was doing homework i get really stocked with one of the problems,so i decided to do my nails.

After nails was done, i solved the problem really quick, and also my computers fan, that blows like a space ship, makes my desk a perfect place to dry nails :)

And just to give you an idea what i am going thruw, pictu of nails with my books :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

As pastel as it gets :)

Here is a nice pastel nail design that i made yesterday. By the way i used green franket that i made earlier to draw the flowers. Aren't those both colors goes just so cool together?
Just in case someone still don't know how to draw flowers like this:
1) i used the tooth picks for dots and for marbling, since i don't have real tools
2) to make dots i just cut the end of the toothpick with sezards
3)First let the base color dry, then make a dots, and marbl it toward the center while it is wet.
4)The center may look little ugly, this is why you ll need to put another color in center
5) Let your flowers dry well and only then apply the top coat, if it is not dry, top coat will wash out the texture from the leaves.
6) Try it, it is really easy. Have fun !

Sunday, April 19, 2009


I had so much fun doing these nails! I used two different colors of purple acrylic. The flowers are actually stickers that I put into the acrylic and covered with clear acrylic. I painted on the white dots as a finishing touch. I hope you like them.

"GLITTER toes" aka ROCKSTAR toes
These are gel toes done with glitter. This is the newest trend for toes. They are so cute and so nice to have because they don't chip like nail polish can. They really last a long time.

Click on the "Older Posts" link at the bottom of this page to view more of my nail art.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sample Summer

Ya-da-ba-du :) Got my polish package from haed2toe - and i love every single polish that i have got - they are just awesome. I also should mention that service from this store is good too, very fast shipping and communication. So highily recomend Haed2Toe as a polish supply sours
So i sure have played arround with my lovlies and made some kinf of sample manucure. Gosh, i am so in love with those color club glitters - it is just so awesome.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mermaid and franken Pedi

Here you go, i start frankening too :) I really wanted this mint look, but famost MAC mint is much over my budjet. So i was trying make somehting that look like - not the best match but i still like the result.

And here is my litle mermaid :) It sinks in a glitter ..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Monday, April 13, 2009

Bad manicure VS Good manicure

Heh , Ladies, we all know that sometimes things just don't work, especially when you really want to make something fabulous with your manicure. So we all have our ups and downs, even me ( much more often when you really can imagine) So for whose of you who have a hard time making a nail art, i am making this post - so don't be shame of your mistakes. This is a total mess, and i i totally hate everything about it :)

Just in contrast to this horror, i want to show you something really amazing, i found this picture online and where is a link to the blog on it - and this is just adorable!!! I am so impressed with technique and huge creativity, and i totally totally love it. Unfortunately with my little nails and mini toes together with stamping based laziness and constant lack of time - i have no chances to ever have something like this on my body. So lets just admire this beautiful design

Sunday, April 12, 2009

April Showers bring May Flowers

This is a dried flower that is layed into the acrylic. There are all different colors of dried flowers and colored acrylic combinations you can create. Please check my blog again in the next few days. I'm hoping to have some more pictures with some new cute ideas I have. Thanks!

Easter manicure

Happy Easter Evrybody!!!
This is what i have made for the contest on NAILARTTUESDAY

Polish Botles for frankens

I heard that it is kind of hard to find the empty polish bottles for franking. So i decided to post it here, because on head2toes where are bottles on sale now, so check it out if you need some

My Boy

I want to introduce you my doggy boy Talon - the dog and love of my life. He came up to bug me when i was taking nails pictures, so i take a shot of him too. Isn't he cute?

Very Spring mood

Despite the fact that the weather is kind of cold and nasty, the mood is very spring and green, i wanted something very green and sparkly. As a base for this stamping i used the gradation technique in green color, then i put a sparkle top coat that i have got from Brook ( hey, Miss winner - congratulations with you first place!) and that i am deeply in love with since i try it . nest step is stamping the flowers and then i spiced it up with the little green stars. I really love this design, and really wanted something that does not scream - IT IS EASTER :) So i save my Easter inspiration for eggs, but spring inspiration is here - on my nails.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Invisible ...

I have have made some Easter nails for the Jamie's contest, with the little bunnies, that supposed to be on the blue polish, however my so call "blue" polish came up to be grey, so i think i did well, but it would be better to have more and better quality polishes .I am very jealous to girls that have all those tons and tons of polishes. i mean jealous in a good way, but i just realized that my stuff is mostly just a crap, and i need to renew it completely.
So to have it on a "paper" i need to get:
1.Marbling tools
2. Fimo fruits
3. Original konad plates
4. Nail art brushes
5. Nail art acrilic paint
5. Polishes.... tons of polishes ... many many tons of polishes :)

And here are some invisible design with the plate that does not fit for my nails. You almost cant see anything unless look from the special angle... Should i call this one something like - "secret garden gigantic flowers" ?

Pink Ribbon Nails

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Image plates

I just got the diy image plates set, and i am a bit disappointed, because the majority of images is too large for my Little nails. I confirm that images are better then on the original konad, but be careful if you have Little nails because it may not fit. So out of all 6 image plates only very several images are really usable for me :(
But the good news is that i have got a hello kitty plate :) Even though it too big for my fingernails, i can use it on toe nails, and i already stamped it on my husbands toes. :)
By the way it may be not a bad idea to exchange image plates. I mean i would trade those new once to some used original konad plates. If you tired of your plates let me know if you are up for exchange.
Here is what i have, the images are really lovely, and will work perfectly on most of the regular size nails, my nails are just really very small.
So let me know if you want to exchange your old image plates to somehting from what i have.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grape on nails

Here it is - i have got some grape on my nails. Anyone wants some juce? :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Violet mood

My mind was seriously about to blow up this weekend ( as well as all last week) , when i was trying to work on my data base assignment for school.
And my weekly nail play turned out to be a mess too, i guess it all related.
This is what i have for today

Here are some pictures of my nail art. I hope you enjoy them! The black tiger stripes I painted on top of the colored acrylic. The other nails were created with ribbon covered with acrylic. I have so many different cute ribbons I can't wait to try out. Please leave comments and let me know what you like or dislike. I would love to hear if any of you have some fun nail art ideas as well. Thanks and enjoy. Amy