Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some toe nail-art

My friend Lena have visited me today, and certainly i did some design on her toe nail, since her job require her not have anything on her finger nails.
This is what i came up with.
In the beginning idea was different, but she is a very picky "client" , she like things to be done her way, so i had to find a compromise. But in reward she broth me some dry flowers and other decoration stuff.

Polishes used for gradation.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gradation nails ( by hands)

As i bet any of you i have quite a collection of polishes , with the bad level opacity.Those are type of polishes that takes more then 2 layers to get any solid color, but even fter hours of drying all those tons of layers you still can see what is going on under the polish .
Now here is a bright idea how to tern whose whose useless polishes into the powerful nail-art tool.Those polishes are just perfect to do the graduation on your nails, so i hope you didn't throw all of them away.
I played a little with this idea and here are some result.

You can easily create the graduation by following those steps:
1. Find the right polish, it must be very transparent, polishes without glitter or chips works the best.
2. Put the really thick layer of the transparent polish on the entire nail, and let it dry just a litle
3.Put the next layer on the 1/2 of nail, starting from the middle and going up, let it dry just a little again.
3. Put the 3 layer of polish on the 1/3 nail.
4. The best result you get if you use a glitter top coat, however you can use a regular one too.
As a top coat i used the one i have got from Brook "Colorama top coat" by maybelline

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Simple mess

Oh yeah! i am almost back on the stamping marker.
As you may mentioned from the pictures here, i used to have a stamping kit, but left it in russia , because my friend wanted it so bad, so i decided that i may get another one here. But, you know all this economy stuff.. so haven't got one yet, but i was struggling so much without it. i mean no creativity can really replace good old stamping, especially when you ahve so little time for nails.
So yetoday my second excitement was gettign a new stmping kit.
I have got a chep one from e-bay, and i am not recomending it at all, plates are so poor, and polishes dont work at all, very transperent, you cant see it on any color. And moreover the colors i have got are not the colors i inteneted to have according to the sellers picture. But on the other hand it worth trying,m because it only was like 5 buks.

But where is another one comming. With more plates and polishes, so i will only keep stamp and scraper from this one.
I wanted to see if this cheap one will work, so i can tell my friends get it or not.
Since polishes wont work, i used regular polish and surprizingly it worked pretty good.
So here is my pink mess.

Thank you, Brook

Hi dear flowers!
Yesterday i have got a package from broke bacon , she sent me a lot of useful stuff and i am really really happy. You guys, seriousness cant even imaging how excited i was to open and try it all.
So i ahve got - 2 Wonderful top coats with glitter effect - i just love it!!! Mirrow shine 2 polishes kit - havent try it yet, but i am sure it is going to be a lot of fun, Evening base coat, ton of orange sticks, Beautiful dark polish with boobs :) , polar block and gorgeouse souvenir from VEGAS!!!
Broke - thank you so much!!!! You gave me so many positive emotions and i am sure that it all will comme back to you.
And thank you so much for you time to send it all, and that you like the nails, and for everything.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am number 2 :)

Today Brooke finally annonced the results of the nail -art contest, i have got a second place, which is really not bad. I am very proud of myself, because i honestly wanted to beleive but nether really expected.
Thank you very much Brooke! i am so so happy! it was really fun to make the nails and to wait for the results too. i really wish i could see other submitions too.
I feel like i want to take part in more contests, because this is really exciting.
For those who want to see the my contest design and a winer design, here is the link

And here is another nails that i did for the contest - fish bone

Friday, March 13, 2009

Not the best, but not the worst

Whose strips always work perfect on my little nails, when i run out of ideas, or too busy to do real art on nails.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nail-art contest

i am very excited about it. the nail contest is on getcha nails did blog. i did couple designs today, but i don't want to post it here until the contest is over, and i make sure that can post it in my blog too. So , i am sorry guys, no nails this week
To revile a Little bit of details - i made fish bone design that i really like, even though it is quite simple, and also spend about an hour drawing on the nails the design of the blog. I mean it, i just transferred the blog design on the nails, i think i like it, and i hope i will be noticed by the contest organizator. Have a good week